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Tips for Baking Cakes

Top tips from Green's for baking success...

Room Temperature

All ingredients work better at room temperature, so get the butter, eggs etc out of the fridge well before you start cooking.


Check they are fresh by putting them in a jug of still water. If they float then they are stale.

Mixing Bowls

Make sure your mixing bowls are dry and clean, especially for meringue mix.

Oven Thermometer

Ovens cannot always be accurate.Why not invest in a separate oven thermometer to make sure your baking at the correct temperature?

Weighing Ingredients

Weighing ingredients with a digital kitchen scale is the most accurate method of baking.


To bring butter to room temperature quickly, cut into small cubes and leave on a plate for about 15 minutes.

Dry Ingredients

Incorporate dry ingredients together with a whisk before adding to wet ingredients, as it helps to give an even mix.


When folding, you should always add the lighter of the two mixtures on top, taking care to use a gentle folding motion to avoid deflating batter.

Oven Temperature

Always wait for your oven to reach the necessary temperature before putting cakes in oven.

Cake Tins

Most of our recipes will require a 7" or 9” cake tin.


Test your cakes with a skewer to see if it's cooked in the middle. When it comes out clean from center of cake, it’s done.

Cool Down

Let your cake cool down on wire racks for 20 minutes before frosting.

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