At Green’s, we work tirelessly to bring you the products we know you love. We’re established baking experts who always go the extra mile when sourcing the best ingredients to help your own cooking, whether you’re a professional in need of catering equipment or a home baker in need of inspiration.

Over the years we have stocked a wide variety of products which appeal to bakers of all kinds, but we are currently in the process of reintroducing one of our most popular products ever!

Tom and Jerry Cake Mix

Due to high demand, we are now bringing back this Green’s classic. Since discontinuing the cake mix, we have had numerous requests from customers asking us to bring it back – and we’ve listened. This delicious mix tastes of strawberry and makes up to 30 delicious cupcakes. It also includes frosting. The mix is popular with all ages, but quickly became a particular family favourite.

The product will be available exclusively at our online store under the Green’s brand, and relaunches in August 2020. Thanks to its versatility, customers can decide for themselves whether they want to make cupcakes or simply one larger cake. There are lots of benefits to selecting a cake mix such as this one, including:


It’s quick and easy to create some tasty cakes with the mix, and all the instructions help to guide you every step of the way.  Whether you’re an established home baker or just getting started, you’ll still find this a convenient way to bake.


Our cake mix is affordable, so you can put your baking skills to the test without breaking the bank. We focus on both quality and price in all of our products, ensuring great taste without costing you the earth.


Making a cake with kids is always a popular pastime, but many people think they can only do this if they’re already a baking pro. Our family-friendly cake mix is ideal for spending some quality time with younger children, but will be appreciated by adults too! Take some time away from the stresses and strains of life to spend some time with those you love most.

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Strawberry Sponge & Frosting Mix 471g