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Christmas Buns Recipe
by: Green's

Snowman Buns

  • Difficulty:
  • Serving: 12
  • Preparation: 10
  • Cook time: 20
  • Passive time: 10


  • 221 g Greens Vanilla Sponge Mix
  • 250 g Glace Icing
  • 1 Bag Bag of M&Ms for Buttons
  • 1 Tube Writing Icing to Decorate
  • 12 Noses Orange Fondant or Cut Peel for Noeses
  • 1 Box Box of Orange Matchmakers



Make up vanilla sponge mix as per instructions and separate out into bun cases.

Bake and allow to cool before continuing.

Ice with glace icing.

Top with a marshmallow.

Use the M&M’s for buttons and a half matchmaker for each arm.

Draw on the faces using writing icing and shape the noses from the orange fondant or cut peel.


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