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Savoury Recipes

Although we are called Greens Cakes, we also have an undeniable love for a great savoury meal too, so we can’t just focus on our great sweet treats.

If you’re hungry for a creative and tasty snack or looking for a new dinner to enjoy daily, then you are in the right place! Using things like our easy pancake mix, and our dumpling mix, we have put our heads together to create a range of tasty savoury recipes for you to follow and create yourself a delectable meal.

Whether it’s our Bombay Vegetable Pancakes or our Cheese and Bacon Dumplings, we know you are bound to enjoy these tasty treats, and even more enjoyable as you made them yourself. Choose from the recipes below and make somebody’s day with a tasty savoury meal, with a bit of help from Greens.

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