Borwick’s Easter Simnel Cake – Makes 2 Cakes


Simnel Cake is a delicious fruitcake, decorated with sweet marzipan and enjoyed during the Springtime months.

Simnel Cakes have been around since medieval times and are often associated with Mothering Sunday and Easter. The cake is traditionally decorated with 11 marzipan balls on the top of the cake to represent the 12 apostles, minus Judas.

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Additional information

Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 136 × 39 × 180 cm



Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine), Mixed Spice (1%).


Sultanas (49%), Raisins (49%), Vegetable Oil.


Cane Molasses, Invert Sugar Syrup.


Cherries (84%), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Colour: Erythrosine; Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide.


Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Orange Peel (26%), Lemon Peel (7%), Salt, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide.


Sugar, Cane Molasses.


Durum Wheat Flour, Sugar, Cornflour, Flavouring.


For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Spiced Flour Mix – also, may contain oats, egg and milk.

Glace Cherries – also, may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, sesame and gluten.

Mixed Peels – also, may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, sesame and gluten.

No Nut Marzipan – also, may contain oats, egg and milk.

Nutrition Information


per 100g Per Average Serving (134g)
Energy kJ 1565 kJ 2088 kJ
Energy kcal 372 kcal 496 kcal
Fat 11 g 14 g
of which saturates 6.2 g 8.2 g
Carbohydrate 64 g 85 g
of which sugars 42 g 56 g
Protein 3.8 g 5.0 g
Salt 0.07 g 0.09 g
Prepared as per pack instructions using unsalted butter, apple juice, medium sized eggs and apricot jam.  An average serving is calculated as 1/16th of the cake.


Good to Know

Suitable for Vegetarians

Preparation Instructions

This kit contains ingredients to make 2 x 8”/20cm deep Easter Simnel Cakes.  To make each cake, you will need: 235g Butter, 150ml of Fruit Juice (e.g. Apple or Orange), 4 Medium Sized Eggs, 2 Tablespoons of Jam


PREP TIME:  30 mins                       BAKE TIME:  2 hours

Empty 1 sachet of mixed fruits, 100g (1/2 tub) of the glacé cherries and 100g (1/2 tub) of mixed peels into a large mixing bowl and pour over 150ml of your chosen fruit juice.  If you want a boozy fruit cake, replace the fruit juice with the alcohol of your choice.

Give the mixture a good stir to make sure all the fruit is coated, then place to one side.

Add 125g butter, the contents of one of the twin sachets of black treacle, and 125g of dark brown sugar to a medium sized saucepan, and gently warm over a low heat, until the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved.  Remove from heat and set to one side to cool slightly, whilst you pre-heat your oven and prepare your baking tin.

Pre-heat the oven to 170°C (150°C for a fan oven), 340°F, Gas Mark 3 and prepare your tin by lightly greasing with butter or oil, and lining with grease proof paper.

Pour the sugar and butter mixture over the fruit and stir well to ensure all the fruits are coated.

Sprinkle over 200g (1/2 sachet) of the spiced flour mix and stir again, until the fruit is coated in flour.

Finally, add 3 medium sized eggs to the mixture, and stir well until all of the ingredients are well mixed.

Place the cake mixture into your cake tin, and level the surface with the back of the spoon to ensure an even surface during baking.

Loosely cover the top of the cake with an additional sheet of grease proof paper and hold in place by tying with string around the edge of the cake tin.  This will avoid the surface of the cake burning during baking.  Place the cake in the centre of the oven for 1¾ hours.  After this time, carefully remove the greaseproof paper from the top of the cake and pop back in the oven for 10 – 20 minutes to finish cooking the top of the cake.

To test if the cake is done, insert a cake skewer or sharp knife – if it comes out clean, the cake is cooked.  If not, continue to bake for longer – checking again after every 10 minutes or so.

Once cooked, remove from oven and allow to cool in tin for 30 minutes, before removing and allowing to cool completely on a cooling rack.

If you are not decorating the cake immediately, wrap with foil and store in a cool, dark place until ready for use.


PREP TIME:  20 mins                       CHILL TIME: 20 mins

Empty the sachet of the no nut marzipan mix into a mixing bowl and add 110g of room temperature butter.

Use your fingertips to rub the butter into the marzipan mixture and then bring together with your hands to form a dough.

Place in the fridge for a minimum of 20 minutes to chill and firm up a little before using to decorate the cake.

When ready to decorate the cake, remove the marzipan dough from the fridge.  If the dough has set hard, leave it to warm up and soften a little before use.

Place 2 tablespoons of apricot jam (or jam of choice) into a small microwaveable bowl, and carefully warm until the texture has softened and become slightly runny.  Take care as hot jam can burn!

Using a pastry brush, paint the top of the cake with the jam to create a sticky surface to fix the marzipan to.

The dough will not roll out like a usual marzipan – you will need to mould the dough on to the cake with your hands.  Work quickly and keep your hands cool by rinsing in cold water and drying before handling the dough.

Split the marzipan dough into thirds. Take 2/3 of the dough and mould onto the top of the cake with your hands or a rolling pin, to create a smooth surface. (Approximately 5mm thick)
With the remaining dough, split into 11 equal pieces and then roll into balls. Each ball represents an apostle. Then brush the base of each ball with some jam and arrange the apostles in a circle on top around the outside of the cake.
Pre-heat your grill to a high temperature and then lightly beat a medium sized egg in a small bowl or cup.

Gently brush the marzipan with some beaten egg and place under the grill for 1-2 minutes until the marzipan begins to brown.

Alternatively, a culinary blow torch can be used instead of a grill.