Pancake Day is circled and highlighted on our calendars. For years, we’ve enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen, flipping all sorts of pancakes, and this year will be no different. From the traditional plain pancakes dressed with lemon and sugar to the more adventurous tropical fruits or chocolate, there is a topping that will suit all taste buds.

Whatever flavours you decide to use, Pancake Day is a bit of fun that everyone can get involved in, no matter your age or skill set. So why not empty your cupboards and see what flavours and toppings you can craft for your ultimate pancake feast?

We love Pancake Day, and have put together a bunch of delicious recipes for you to try or source inspiration from:



The beauty of Pancake Day is that we can all enjoy flipping our creations no matter the time of day; pancakes are a perfect alternative to your morning cereal, great and filling for brunch, an ideal snack when you need a sugary pick me up and can help to fashion a creative dinner that’s sure to have you named as the family MasterChef.

If you’d like to make your Pancake Day as fuss-free as possible, we think you’ll love our selection of pancake mixes. They are simple to make and can create perfect pancakes in a matter of minutes – perfect for those who always seem to run out of time in the morning.

With our Original Pancake mix you’re just an egg and water away from creating a selection of delicious pancakes. For those who don’t stash golden syrup in the cupboard, you’re in luck. You can whip up 10 sweet and sticky pancakes for friends and family thanks to our Pancake mix with golden syrup.

With our pancake mixes you’re sure to achieve pancake perfection all day long.