easter egg cake kit
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As everyone’s favourite chocolatey occasion approaches, Greens Cakes have launched a brand new Easter product for you to bake at home with your families this Easter. If you buy our product from now until Easter weekend, you’ll receive a Chocolate Mousse Mix free!

In the spirit of everybody’s favourite chocolatey occasion, we have released a Chocolate Egg Cake Kit, perfect for the holiday. Famous for our cake mixes and dessert mixes, we have have been a household name for many people for many years, since the journey began in 1907 in Brighton. Now being headed up in Yorkshire, we continue to produce widely loved cake mixes that parents and kids alike enjoy baking from the comfort of their home, our cake, and dessert mixes are also well known for their ease-of-use.

The Chocolate Egg Cake Kit is no different. All you need to do is add 2 eggs to the cake mix to create a moist a tasty base, then mix butter and water to the frosting mix, which you add to the top of the cake. Then all you need to do is add the chocolate eggs in any way you like to complete the cake. At only £1.95 per box, this cake mix is affordable and easy to bake! Alternatively, if it’s not a cake that you want to make, you can use your imagination to make a different type of tasty treat, such as cupcakes or muffins.

Up until the 31st of March, if you buy this product on the website, you will receive a free chocolate mousse mix, as a limited time offer on the website. It is eligible to customers in the UK, this great offer shouldn’t be missed.

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